Price: 30.00

Date: By appointment

Time: Mon - Sat

Venue: Hooton

Swedish Body Massage

The aim of the massage is to warm and stretch the muscle tissue so that toxins are drained away and fresh blood flows into the muscles.

During the massage I will aim to gradually break up “knots” or adhered tissues releasing tension from the muscles and resulting in a general feeling of wellbeing.

The body massage can be vigorous or relaxing depending on your requirements.

When you come along for your Swedish body massage I will start by asking a series of questions about your health and what you hope to get from your treatment session.

Benefits of a Swedish body massage

Body massage has been found to release positive endorphins in the brain creating a feeling of wellbeing and positivity

Massage has also been found to reduce blood pressure and promote general relaxation

Swedish body massage can improve the condition of muscle tissue and reduce aches and pains

This treatment improves the circulation and can help to reduce levels of stress hormones

Swedish body massage is a good way to manage stress and promotes relaxation.

Treatment time

50 minutes to 1 hour