Hospital Survival Kit

Price £2.50

Each bag contains
Cotton wool put in your ears to block out the snoring from the other patients
Mint to recover from the taste of hospital food
Tea bag to try best to relax
Love heart to remind you how loved you are
Sweet a sugary treat to keep your energy up
Paper clip to help you hold everything together
Playing card to remind you to make the most of the hand you have been dealt
Plaster to help you heal
Rubber band to try your best to be flexible and go with the flow
Safety pin to make you stay safe
Marble in case you lose yours
Clothes peg to hang up your aches and pains
Crayon to put some colour back in your cheeks
Button you will be bright as a button before you know it
Candle to remind you there is a light at the end of the tunnel

Colour of bag and contents may vary


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