Meditation Gift Set for Mindfulness and Spiritual Practices

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The box is a must for anyone wanting to take time out of the busyness of life. You can enhance the practice of mindfulness with the carefully chosen products to promote relaxation.

Daily meditation is great for stress reduction and helps to be productive in our busy and distracting world.

Contents of the kit include –

Lavender bag -lavender the fresh floral scent improves mental focus calms and reduces stress

Calm candle –
create a routine for your meditation light the candle and dim the lights this vanilla scented candle burns for approx. 25 hours.

Incense sticks – a great aid to meditation it is burnt not only for its pleasant aroma but to purify and cleanse and to support spiritual practices.

Meditation stone – using stones for meditation can help raise awareness and deepen the consciousness. It can be a tool to maintain the practice and connect with a specific goal or intention.

Meditation journal -A meditation journal can help us with all of those areas of awareness, helping us to have a more unified awareness of ourselves.


Please note: some items may vary in size and colour




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